Civil Division

Chautauqua County Sheriff

15 E. Chautauqua Street, Mayville NY 14757

Tel: 716.753.4371

The Sheriff is the court enforcement officer for all courts within the County and is involved in such matters as the enforcement of judgments, court orders, and Family Court mandates, as well as the service of civil process.


These functions are carried out by both sworn officers and civilian members of the Chautauqua County Sheriff’s Civil Division.



Deputy Brian Gustafson 

"Civil Enforcement is one of the mandated services the Sheriff provides"

Lieutenant Tim Kindberg
Deputy  Rob Holcomb
Betty Catanese 

Civil Duty Highlights

  • Income Executions

  • Undocketed Returns

  • Summons and Complaints

    • Amended Complaints

    • Notices

    • Petitions

  • Petition and Notice of Foreclosure Process

    • Notices to Tenants

    • Sale

    • Postings / Judgments

  • Property Executions

    • Demands

    • 3rd Party levies

    • Sale of chattel

  • Property Executions for Sale of Real Property

  • Evictions and Writs of Assistance

    • Subpoenas

    • Orders

    • Citations

  • Civil Arrests / Warrant of Commitment

  • Notice of Petition and Petitions

  • Order of Attachment

Debbie Simpson

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