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Records Division



The finance department is the backbone of the agency's operations and processes. It develops complex budgets working closely with the guidance of top management. Finance records operating transactions, analyzes them and prepares financial reports for the top brass and supervisors. The Finance Division ensures the agency's internal mechanisms and policies comply with federal, state and local laws as well as County human resources policies. Finance’s workflow provides the agency and vendors with accurate consistent and timely financial services. They keep the financial operations and transactions up-to-date and closed out in proper way. Finance also generates and provides financial reports to agency divisions and outside institutions. 

Span of Control:


  • Development of internal control policies

  • Budget design and deployment

  • Payroll tracking / deployment

  • Accounts payable / receivable

  • Audit & control

  • Grant application & management

  • Revenue auditing and forecasting

  • Management of contracts

  • Agreement of services

  • Bids deployment

  • Purchasing

The division is responsible for maintaining the integrity and confidentiality tens of thousands of records each year. Records management includes the processing reports generated by the Sheriff’s Office for all criminal/non-criminal incidents, accidents, arrests, . Electronic archiving of paper records continues daily to reduce storage of millions of records. The unit is also charged with dealing with many time sensitive reports, warrants, subpoenas, and orders of protection. In addition to the clerks daily data entry of reports they also need to prepare statistical reports such as the Uniform Crime Report for the FBI & the Agencies monthly and annual reports.

Core Responsibilities

  • Accident Reports

  • Alarm Applications/Violations

  • Bingo Checks

  • Data Analysis & mapping

  • Disposition’s and seal orders

  • DSS Child Protection DVR or child abuse cases

  • Filing

  • Foil requests

  • Incidents for lost plates

  • Incidents for officers

  • Incoming mail

  • Photo Inquires

  • Navigation & Snowmobile accidents

  • Requisition/Restocking forms

  • Officer Reports

  • Patrol Log Sheets

  • Quality Control

  • Record checks

    • employment

    • housing

    • adoption

    • military

    • Misc. agencies

  • Stat Reports

  • Subpoena Tracking

  • Software support for Jail & County LEO

  • Traffic & Warning Ticket entry

  • Training/assisting new employees

  • Warrants

Requests for copies of reports are handled by records personnel between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday thru Friday. Call 716.753.4442, eMail , Fax 716.753.9771 or stop in @

15 E. Chautauqua Street Mayville NY 14757

eMail  Records Division

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