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Chautauqua County Court Security Division ensures the overall security management of the County Courthouse and County Family Court facilities. We provide security for County, Supreme, Surrogate, Integrated Domestic Violence, and Family Courts. These courts are currently located in two separate buildings in Mayville. The scope of our services includes, but is not limited to the traditional services of judicial protection and courtroom security but also we provide security throughout both buildings that house the court facilities. Each building utilizes a single-point-of-entry for public access. Officers conduct security screening procedures at these entry points using electronic scanning devices and x-ray systems. The officers also man a control center that enables them to oversee movement of staff and the public throughout the buildings and monitor any alarms. This control center utilizes state-of-the-art security monitoring systems to facilitate this mission. This division also provides security for Supreme and Family Court judges when they travel to Jamestown City Hall for proceedings that are scheduled there. This division also contracts with two local courts for security at their facilities. This division is currently staffed with 1 full-time Deputy Sheriff Lieutenant, 1 full-time Deputy Sheriff Sergeant, and 27 part-time officers. The Sheriffs Office receives funding for the personnel in this division through a contract with New York State Office of Court Administration. Through the past few years very intensive evaluations of the services provided to the courts several mandated and some mutually agreed upon cuts were made and this division is anticipating meeting our obligation under ever reducing budgets.


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  • Provide Protection for Judges & Staff

  • Facility Security

  • Serve Family Court Papers 

  • Serve Summons

  • Orders of Protection

  • Serve Family Court Warrants

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Court Security

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