Accident Reconstruction Team


Accident Reconstruction Team members are trained in reconstruction of accident scenes. Their special skillset enables them to accurately measure, document and in most cases render professional opinions of cause and effect of an accident. Their tools of choice is a “total Station” electronic transit; a device used across the nation every day to accurately measure property lines, roads, and buildings. Many times certain clues are left at a scene, for example, skid marks on a highway can tell investigators “the rest of the story”. Many skid marks will indicate the direction of the vehicles prior to impact. Once a vehicle impact occurs between two or more cars many times the incident will leave “gouge” marks on the highway. These marks are important because they indicate “point of impact” These clues can help tell investigators which lane the accident happened in. 


One other service the accident recon team is called to action for is major crime scenes. The Forensic Investigation team calls upon the team to accurately help map out evidence within a scene.

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