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This specialized team is "deployment ready" for water based recues. Rigorous training in all types of conditions prepare team members to respond in a minutes notice.


The Chautauqua County Water Emergency Team (C.C.W.E.T.) is a sixteen member unit comprised of eight Sheriff’s Office and eight Fire Service personnel operating under the direction and command of the Chautauqua County Sheriff’s Office. Members of the C.C.W.E.T. are trained and equipped for rapid responses to all types of water related emergencies and incidents, including surface and sub-surface rescues and recoveries in open water, swift water and ice/cold water environments. C.C.W.E.T. is also utilized to locate & document underwater crime scenes, recover evidence and contraband, locate and/or remove safety and navigation hazards and provide assistance and support to other government and public safety agencies during marine fires, boating accidents, hazardous materials spills, floods or rescue operations.

Trained & Equipped in:


  • Emergency Deployment Rescue Divers

  • Ice Rescue Divers

  • Surface Ice/Cold Water Rescue Specialists

  • Deep Water Recovery Divers

  • Swift Water Rescue Specialists

  • Rescue Swimmers

  • Homicide By Drowning Investigator

  • HAZ-MAT Divers

  • Emergency Medical Technicians

  • Dive Equipment Technicians

Emergency requests for the C.C.W.E.T. may be made to the Chautauqua County Sheriff’s Office Dispatch Center in Mayville by any public safety incident commander. Dispatch personnel are authorized to activate the team any time they determine that the potential for a life-saving rescue exists. Non-emergency requests, out of county requests and the use of Sheriff’s Office vehicles, vessels and aircraft for deployment or insertion of C.C.W.E.T. personnel must be authorized by the C.C.W.E.T. Team Leader, the Emergency Response Team Leader or the Sheriff or his designee.



  • Fully equipped emergency response vehicle

  • 2 rigid hull inflatable outboard rescue boats

  • Floatation stretchers

  • ice rescue sled

  • Underwater vehicle recovery lift bag salvage system

  • underwater communication equipment.

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