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Sheriffs- We are History!
We’re very proud to say Sheriffs have long been the primary law enforcement for the Country... long before our brethren law enforcement became established.


Chautauqua County Sheriff's Circa 1811 - Present 

A Glance Back
As the men and women continue to proudly serve you we make milestones ... along the way that are sometimes captured for us to reflect on.

We are proud of our officers who have attended  the FBI's  National Academy! 

Current Agency Members


Sheriff James B. Quattrone

Undersheriff Richard D. Telford

Past Agency Members


Captain David W. Bentley Deceased

Undersheriff Darryl W. Braley Retired

Sergeant Michael G. Williams Retired

Undersheriff Charles J. Holder Retired

Lieutenant Tomas E. Drake Deceased

Sergeant Danny E. Frost Retired

Sergeant Richard J. Saletta Retired

Captain Jerome G. Adams Retired

Undersheriff John L. Sirianno Retired

Sergeant William A. Tornstrom Retired

Captain Dale W. VanVlack Retired

Investigator  Carl E. Behm Retired

Investigator Wayne R. Anderson Retired

Acting Sheriff Jerome C. Ernewein Retired

231th Session

279th Session


236th Session

220th Session

245th Session

229th Session

187th Session

167th Session

145th Session

127th Session

120th Session

114th Session

110th Session

106th Session

102nd Session

   98th Session

Fallen but NOT Forgotten

Memorial Tributes

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