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CARES Program

Chautauqua County Sheriff’s Office

CARES Program

Purpose: The CARES (Chautauqua Comprehensive Addiction Response and Evaluation System) program was developed to create a county-wide, multi sector network of law enforcement, behavioral health and other community agencies collaborating to further increase accessibility, timeliness and effectiveness of help for individuals with substance use disorders and their families.

Goal: The overall goal of the CARES program is to increase the number of Chautauqua County residents receiving services for substance abuse disorder and to decrease recidivism within the criminal justice system.

Program Objectives

  1. Pre-Booking or post booking treatment alternatives to criminal justice system involvement that serve individuals who are at high risk for overdose or substance abuse. This will also include diversion from Law Enforcement and other first responders.

  2. Education and prevention programs to connect law enforcement agencies with K-12 students.

  3. Expedite access to behavioral health and recovery services

  4. Strengthening the support for inmate transitioning to the community and ensuring that they are able to connect with community services and supports.

CARES Program Core Initiatives


Do you know someone that is struggling with Substance Use Disorder, and wants help, but doesn’t know where to start? Are you a family member looking for information regarding additional support?

Contact the CARES Program

  • We accept community and self-referrals.

  • Referrals are reviewed by the CARES Program Coordinator, within 48 hours of the referral being made, with the goal of having the individual connected with services within 3-5 days.

  • CARES Program Coordinator works with the individual for up to 60 days from the referral, to ensure transition to appropriate services.

  • The CARES Provider and Community Support Network are a partnership of community agencies that work in collaboration to meet the behavioral, social and physical health needs of the individuals in a person centered and recovery focused manner.

  • The goal of the Provider and Community Network is to expedite services in a timely fashion and meet individuals where they are.


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