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Victim Impact Panel


The Chautauqua County Stop DWI program coordinates the Victim Impact Panel for the County as part of our commitment to making the County's roads safer to travel. We are comprised of dedicated individuals who have been victimized by a drunk driver who share their experiences in a controlled audience atmosphere. This interaction with the offender and the victims helps to put a face on the tragedies of drunk driving in hopes that the attendees will not drive drunk again. People can be sentenced to attend VIP for a variety of reasons by Courts throughout our County. Judges have been known to sentence youths caught drinking and committing petty crimes in order to educate the violators as to the ill effects alcohol consumption can have. Typical sentences are for individuals who have been arrested for operating a vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

NO online victim impact panel sites are accepted in Chautauqua County… or in ANY court within the County!

Notice to anyone sentenced to attend Chautauqua County STOP DWI Victim Impact Panel session:


This course cannot be done ONLINE.


There are numerous sites claiming to be court accepted.


Do not waste time or money on these sites. You must attend in person! You do not need to call to register. Registration is done at the meeting.

As part of your sentence, the Court has ordered you to attend a Victim Impact Panel session.


Failure to attend will result in immediate Court notification & subject you to re-sentencing 


  • You are required to pay a $30.00 fee


  • Payment will be accepted at the door payable by cash or money order. 


  • Money orders are payable to: Chautauqua Co. Victim Impact Panel 


  • You may bring one guest 16 years or older – at no charge 


  • You are responsible to bring an interpreter (does not count as guest) 


  • Arrive by 5:30pm 


  • Photo I.D. required or 2 different forms of ID in your name: 

    • Birth Certificate

    • Social Security Card

    • Utility Bill

    • Credit Card

    • Work ID 


  • DO NOT show up under the influence of alcohol or Drugs 


  • DO NOT smell of intoxicants (alcoholic beverages) 


  • You must dress and conduct yourself appropriately 





Misc. Notes

  • Victim Impact is separate from the Drunk Driving Program 


  • In the case of extreme weather, postponement will be made through local media

VIP 2024.JPG

Absolutely NO

  • Weapons - of any kind

  • Smoking

  • Chewing gum

  • Sleeping

  • Food/Drinks

  • Reading

  • Distracting behavior

  • Talking

  • Sunglasses

  • Hats, bandanas or other headgear

  • Clothing promoting alcohol or displaying inappropriate language 

  • Cell phones/pagers, must be turned off (not on vibrate) 




2024 Meetings
Registration begins at 6:00pm

VIP Meeting Locations

Have You Been ordered to Attend?  

eMail  VIP

Your details were sent successfully!


15 EAST CHAUTAUQUA STREET MAYVILLE NY 14757 716.753.4922 (office)

716.753.9622 (fax)

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