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Marine Division

15 E. Chautauqua Street Mayville NY 14757

Tel: 716.753.4929

"Summertime in Chautauqua County means a big increase in our population &  many of the visitors here enjoy using our beautiful lakes and resources"

"From Memorial Day until well into September, the lakes are patrolled daily to ensure a safe, fun and enjoyable experience for everyone"

Our County has several bodies of water that are patrolled by the Navigation Division of the Sheriff's Office. Chautauqua Lake, Cassadaga Lake, Findley Lake, Bear Lake and Lake Erie from the PA State line to Erie County, and out to international waters!

We pride ourselves in having a presence on the waterways of this beautiful county & we have established ourselves as an agency willing to assist the boating public

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Investigating crimes &  accidents that occur on our waterways

  • Search and rescue operations

  • Enforcement of the NYS navigation law

  • Boater safety education

  • Support the Water Emergency Team & local fire departments

  • Enforce Homeland security & border security efforts

  • Work closely with other local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies

  • Help ensure safety of the boating public

"The main purpose of our Marine Patrol is to insure safety on the waterways of our County.  This is accomplished by education of the boating public and enforcement of the New York State Navigation Laws"


To help offset costs, the marine unit is partially funded by New York State reimbursement from boater registration fees 

The Navigation Division is staffed by two full time officers, Sgt Bargar and Deputy Cobb. There are also several part time officers added for the summer months to help man the patrol vessels. 


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