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Let's work together to keep the drinkers drinking & NOT driving!

This Program is brought to you by the STOP-DWI Program of Chautauqua County and Balkan Beverage. 

Drinking Establishment Owners:


The STOP-DWI Advisory Board of Chautauqua County and Balkan Beverage are pleased to announce a new program that will offer your customers a safe alternative to driving while intoxicated.


The Chautauqua County Designated Driver Program helps you recognize and promote patrons who choose to stay sober and drive their friends home safely.The program is simple … When your customer pledges to be a designated driver (“DD”) for his or her group, you pledge to offer the DD complimentary soda or other reduced price non-alcoholic beverages. You identify the DDs in your establishment by giving them a Designated Driver wristband. Call-a-cab business cards are available for guests who choose to go home via taxi. Join the many beverage purveyors who know responsible drinking is good business.


Your complimentary Designated Driver Kit is now available from Chautauqua County STOP-DWI. The kit includes posters, designated driver wristbands, call-a-cab cards, and program instructions. Sample posters are also enclosed; you can pick the design that best fits your business. To order your kit,   or to get more information, send us a request or call 716-753-4922 




The STOP-DWI Advisory Board of Chautauqua County

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