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Visitation & Mail

NOTICE: All persons wishing to schedule an In-Person visit with an incarcerated individual must schedule an appointment online.

Visitation Hours:



Wednesday - Sunday






The jail will accept walk-ups for in-person visits subject to availability & timing during the established visiting hours






  • Visitors can now register for and schedule inmate visitations online.  At any time, go to the visitation website and click “Register Today.” Fill in the required information including a valid email address. If you do not have an email address, there are many webmail providers who offer free email accounts. An email account is required for visitation account creation and for using the online registration tool


  • Once you have registered on the visitation website, check your email inbox for an email to finalize your registration


  • If you do not receive an email, check your spam/junk folder. If you still don’t see an email from the system, call 855-208-7349


  • Next, log in using the temporary password provided in the email. You will be prompted to change your password. Be sure to pick a password you can remember, or note it in a secure location


Schedule a Visit


  • Visits must be scheduled at least two days in advance but cannot be scheduled more than three weeks in advance.


  • To schedule an inmate visit, log in with the email address you used for registration and the new password you created after logging in with your temporary password


  • Click “Visitation” in the main menu, add any additional visitors that will attend the inperson visit and select the inmate you’d like to visit


  • Next, enter your preferred date, time and location and click “Search.” Click “Select” next to the desired visitation time


  • NOTE: all visits are listed in the time zone of the facility of the internet visit


  • On the next page, you can review selections and make changes. At the bottom of the page, indicate that you have reviewed the policies. Verify all the information on the page, and click “Confirm.” The status of the visit should now be “Confirmed.” Upcoming visits are shown on the Home page


  • Click a visit to review its details



Check In & Visit


  • Visitors must arrive 15 minutes or more before your visit is scheduled to begin and a photo ID is required for all visitors at check-in




  • To cancel a visit, click “Cancel Visit” on the summary page in your account, or click the “X” next to the visit on the home page. You will then be asked to confirm your cancellation. All visits must be canceled at least 24 hours prior to the start of the visit or you will be expected to show and deemed a no-show if you fail to attend.



Inmates are permitted two (2) one-hour periods of supervised contact visitation Wednesday through Sunday by immediate family, friends, or persons of professional service (excluding attorney or legal counsel).


Visitors are required to show Photo ID to be granted entry into the facility visitation room.


All visitors are required to pass through a security screening and may be subject to a physical search.



The procedures for visiting are as follows:


  • Inmates may receive no more than two (2) one-hour face to face visits per week.

  • Visits may be any two days Wednesday thru Sunday.

  • Inmates are not permitted to have two visits in one day ... No exceptions!

  • Only two persons per visiting appointment are permitted.

  • Visitors who arrive late for their visit shall wait until the half-time of their visiting session before they will be allowed in.

  • Visitors who are late will cause an inmate to have a full hour deducted from their visiting time.

  • Inmates may receive daily visits from attorney or legal counsel.

  • An Inmate may request a funeral or deathbed visit by writing or contacting the Chief Administrative Officer (Warden). Per NYSCOC Minimum Standards section 7051.1, a funeral or deathbed visit is at the discretion of the Chief Administrative Officer (Warden).

  • Federal Inmates must contact their Federal Public Defender and the U.S. Marshal’s Office.

  • An Inmate has the right to refuse any visit.  The Visitation Officers will not keep records of people “refused”.

  • Visitors under the age of 18 are required to be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Proof must be provided by producing a birth certificate at the time of the visit.  The parent or legal guardian must accompany the underage visitor into the visiting room and will be counted as one of the two visitors the inmate is permitted to see during that session.

  • Inmate to inmate visits will not be conducted except under special circumstances with the approval of the Jail Lieutenant or Captain.


Face to Face Visitation Rules and Regs:


  • The Visitation Rules and Regulations are as follows:

  • When you enter into the visiting room, you will take a seat.

  • There will be no wandering around the room once seated.

  • You will remain seated at all times with both feet on the floor.

  • You may briefly hug and kiss at the beginning and end of each visit.

  • There will be no physical contact during your visit.

  • Children must stay on the visitor side of the bench.

  • Children  are not permitted to sit on the divider or run around.

  • If your child becomes disruptive (crying / screaming excessively)  visitor may be asked to step out of the room.

  • Nothing shall be brought to visiting including but not limited to papers, property, or candy items.

  • Loud, profane, or abusive language will not be tolerated and will be grounds for terminating your visit.

  • You may receive no more than two visitors at one time.

  • Children count as one visitor, no matter the age.

  • No children will be left unattended in the visiting waiting room

  • If there is no adult to supervise the children, you will not be able to visit.

  • Visitor must wear clothing that would be deemed acceptable by public standards.

  • No “overly revealing” shorts, T-shirts, mini skirts, etc.

  • No hoodies, coats, or jackets allowed in the visiting room

  • Each visiting period is for one hour. 

  • There will be no food or candy brought to visiting.

  • When Visitor(s) are more than 30 minutes late, inmate will be returned to housing unit.

  • Visitors who  appears to be sick (coughing, etc.) may be denied the visit.

  • Visitors who arrive late  shall wait until the half-time of their visiting session before they will be allowed in.

  • inmates whose visitors are late will have the full hour deducted from their visiting time.

  • Compliance with the visiting officer’s requests / orders is expected or the visit may be terminated for that day.

  • Visitors must use the Jail Visitation Parking (Not the Post Office Parking Area)



Failure to comply with rules will result in visits being terminated immediately!
In accordance with New York State Minimum standards (Section 7008) Actions that are not deemed acceptable behavior in public will not be tolerated in the Visiting Area. Any violations of these rules will result in the termination of the visit and or disciplinary action.

Visitation Loss:


Effective August 12th 1998, per the New York State Commission of Corrections Minimum Standards (Section 7006.9a), an inmate found guilty of misbehavior may have up to one hour of visitation per week taken away consistent with the Facility’s Rules of Inmate Conduct, or as the result of an Administrative Segregation determination, modified to non-contact visits for a specified period of time. Visitation sessions may take place in the Non-contact visiting room or visiting privileges may be revoked depending upon the severity of the violation.

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