Snowmobile - Local Laws



LL #1 of 2001    Sec 3  b  - No operation on streets in Village         Except – High st trail to Mays Tavern / Alden Rd tracks to Maple av/ Burnham     Sec 3  d  - No oper. in Village between 11pm -9am weekdays and 1am -9am sat/ sun  Sec 3  e   - Max speed limit in village is 10 MPH     Sec 3 b- NO Operation on sidewalks 

Cherry Creek

Snowmobiles are not to use any village streets                            
Riding on sidewalks is prohibited
Operating Hours:
9:00 am - 11:00 pm Sunday - Thursday
9:00am - 1:00 am Friday – Saturday


LL#1 of 2014    
Section 5-1   No operation on any Town Highway between 11pm and 9am except on    Friday/Saturday hours are extended to 1am.    
Section 5-2      Unlawful for any owner/operator to leave or allow a snowmobile to be left unattended on any Town highway or public place while motor is running or when the key is in/on snowmobile.    
Section 5-3 Snowmobile operators must obey traffic signs/signals and obey regulations of vehicular traffic and orders by law enforcement authorized to regulate traffic.    
Section 5-4   Operation on Town sidewalks is strictly prohibited at all times


LL #1 of 1977      
Sec 3 -1 Operation on highway / street     Snowmobiles are authorized to use: Andrews Rd, Prospect St, Reed St, Church St, Mitchell St, Lester St, Maple St, Mill St, Edson Ln,  and Bloomer Rd.  
Ride only on shoulder of road, conditions permitting        
Sec 4-1 Hours of operation within Village prohibited 11pm -9am weekdays 1am –9am Sat/sun                 
Sec 4-4  riding on sidewalks is prohibitedSnowmobiles may use highways in the event of an emergency
Sec 4-  -Speed limit in permitted areas is 10 miles per hour

Silver Creek

Snowmobiles are not permitted within the corporate limits of Silver Creek!!!



LL#1 of 1990
operation on village streets permitted except Rt 430, 76 and I 86    
Sec 4 a     hours of operation less 16yrs    8a-5p prohibited on streets    
Sec 4 b     5p-1a less 18yrs prohibited on streets     
Sec 4 c     speed limit within Village 15 MPH    
Sec 4 d     two abreast on Roadway    
Sec 4 e     towing sled w/ o rigid tow bar     
Sec 4 f      fail to yield Right of way to pedestrians or vehicles    
Sec 4 g     hours prohibited 11pm – 8am weekdays   1am – 8am sat   1am – 12 noon Sun     
Sec 4 I     Operate on street w/ o Ins    
Sec 4 J    Operate on St other than Rt side shoulder
Sec 5 Operation on public Property other than streets or designated trail


Operation on any street except county or State Rd (430 / 394)    
LL # 4 -1976  Sec 3 (d) – no operation any village street or hwy between hrs 12am -8am week days  / Sat 1am -8am / Sun 1am -12 noon    
LL # 1 -2007 Sec 4 – No operation on sidewalks in village

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