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Ready... Set ...


Chautauqua County Jail has had a functioning Re-entry Task Force since 2011.  Our mission is “To ensure a smooth transition from jail to community for individuals released from Chautauqua County Jail by assessing barriers and needs while coordinating service provider efforts and bridging gaps in services for the purpose of reducing recidivism and increasing public safety.”  Barriers are addressed under six categories of need including education, vocation, health and mental health, personal, support, and self-concept.  Since February 2013, CodyAnne Weise has been employed full-time as the Employment and Re-entry Facilitator as part of a 200% of Poverty Alternatives to Incarceration grant.  While providing re-entry services, 200% of Poverty programs have been added with the addition of the grant.  Programs include Ready, Set, Work - a job readiness training created by Offender Workforce Development Specialists and Thinking For a Change - a cognitive behavioral therapy group created by the National Institute of Corrections.  In 2013,  100 individuals were transitioned as part of the re-entry initiative with a recidivism rate lower than the state average.  Also, 46 Incarcerated Individuals were enrolled in 200% of Poverty programming.  In addition, another 46 justice-involved individuals received 200% of Poverty services in Chautauqua County providing family stabilization through increasing employment and resuming child support payments while decreasing criminogenic needs.


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