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The members of the Chautauqua County Sheriff K-9 Units are responsible for assisting the Sheriff’s Office Road Patrol and Correction Division, as well as neighboring law enforcement agencies with a tool designed to be used in patrol work, evidence recovery, tracking, narcotics detection, explosives detection and cadaver detection. Due to a dog’s superior olfactory sense, the K-9 becomes a unique locating tool that has been molded through training to become more efficient and expeditious in locating people and contraband. Our unit’s success in the past has proven itself time and again.

K-9 Division


Deployment of K-9 in Jail:


“Laelaps has been a tremendous tool in helping us deter people from trying to smuggle contraband into the jail. We will continue to be aggressive with detection & the arrest of offenders”
 Sheriff James B. Quattrone

In spring of 2015, former Sheriff Joseph Gerace authorized the addition of a K-9 dog specialized in finding illegal drugs and other contraband within the county jail. Laelaps, a flat-coated female retriever who graduated from Caroline-A Police Academy, arrived at the Chautauqua County Sheriff’s Office in May of 2015. Correction Officer Amanda Dando was assigned as the handler for Laelaps and the two successfully completed the “Police Narcotics Detection Canine Course”.Officer Dando and Laelaps are assigned to the Chautauqua County Jail and specialize in searching the inmate visitors and visiting rooms before, during, and after all contact visits. Laelaps is trained to detect drugs and drug paraphernalia as well as hand-fashioned or homemade weapons.In addition to searching visitors, Laelaps searches various locations throughout the jail including prisoner cells, inmate correspondence, packages received in the US Mail, and routinely assists and trains with other K-9 dogs from the Sheriff’s criminal law enforcement divisions and outside agencies.Since implementing the Jail K-9 program, Laelaps has been successful in detecting contraband.





Deputy Beichner
Deputy Kapuscinski
Deputy Beichner
Deputy Kapuscinski
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