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Juvenile Investigation  

The juvenile investigator for the Chautauqua County Sheriff’s Office is a specialist in investigating crimes against children. He or she is assigned to the Criminal Investigative Division of the Sheriff’s Office. He or she is tasked to investigate the most serious offense’s that are perpetrated against children. He or she is specially trained to deal with these crimes to get the most positive resolution. These crimes consist of the most serious of felonies from unexplained deaths, rapes, to extreme physical abuse. The juvenile investigator works with the multi-disciplinary team of Chautauqua County through the Child Advocacy Program making sure all the needs of the children victims are met and all the agencies involved have all the information needed to assist the victims as well as their families in crisis and beyond.

The juvenile investigator is also responsible for staying current on the application of laws regarding juveniles who break the law. He or she receives the specialized paperwork from all the officers in the department from his supervisors to review if charges are placed against juveniles. Once the paperwork is reviewed and all the criteria is met the paperwork moves forward to family court if necessary though probation where the charged juvenile reports for intake to complete the process. The sections of the laws are used for charging juveniles are the same ones that would be used if they were adults. The paperwork regarding juveniles who commit crimes is kept totally separate from all other paperwork in the agency. This is done in accordance with New York State law.

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