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Inmate  Mail

You are welcome to mail packages and letters to an inmate:


Permissible items  to be shipped to an inmate 


  • Up to 7 pair of underwear (white only with no logos)

  • Up to 7 T- Shirts (white only with no logos or pockets)

  • Up to 7 pairs of socks (white only with no logos)

  • Up to 7 Sports bras (white only with no logos and no underwire)

  • Up to 2 thermal shirts (white only with no logos and no pockets)

  • Up to 2 pair of thermal bottoms (white only with no logos)

  • Up to 1 religious medal or other religious article. 1 inch medallion


Inmates are permitted to receive only white garments. No writing, logos, or advertising are permitted.

Inmates who receive any other items in the package will be notified as to the contents. The package will be inventoried, sealed and placed in inmates  property.


How to address a letter or package to an Inmate:

(return address goes here)

John Doe

1 Main St 

Anywhere, NY 12345click me.

Inmates First & Last name

PO Box 190

Mayville NY 14757-0190

Your name and address  as well as the inmate name & jail address is the only writing allowed on the outside of the envelope!

eMail Visitation with questions

Sorry Appointments are not taken by eMail

Your details were sent successfully!

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