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Cold Case Files 


The vast majority of law enforcement officers get involved in police work to help others. We feel a heavy responsibility to solve a crimes. We can’t help but feel we have failed the family and friends when a case goes cold and leads dry up.


Please help us help the family & friends of the victims! 


If you have ANY tidbit of information no matter how small you may think it is please tell us. It may help solve the case and give family the answers they deserve.


Anyone with any information on any of the crimes below  is asked to contact the  Sheriff's Office at 716.753.4231



eMail your Tips! To Lt. Randy Boland

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A Personal Message to the Killer


If you are the person that committed one of the crimes below  & you are reading this page...  you need to turn yourself in.


As you suffer with the guilt … victim’s family suffer with every day that passes. They deserve to know you owe it to them. 

Jane Doe

On December 6, 1983, a homicide victim was discovered in a ditch along Route.17, the Southern Tier Expressway, now Interstate 86, in the eastbound lane, in the Town of Ellery. The partially clad body was found by utility company employees at approximately 8:30 a.m. The victim had been shot once in the back, twice in the chest, and once inside the mouth. The victim is described as follows:


  • White female

  • 30-37 years old at time of discovery

  • Height 5' 4"

  • Weight 128 lbs

  • Brown eyes

  • Shoe size 5-6

  • Brown hair with some gray

  • No jewelry or evidence jewelry

  • Wart above left eye

  • A positive blood type


It is believed the victim is from Canada or some European Country. Computer checks in the United States, Canada, and Interpol have been unsuccessful in locating any missing persons that fit the victims description. Attempts to identify the victim through fingerprints have also been unsuccessful.

Judith Lynn McElheney

On October 8, 1990, the body of Judith Lynn McElheney, age 27, of Bailey Avenue Buffalo was found shot to death at a rest stop on Route 5 in the Town of Sheridan. The victim suffered one gunshot to her left ear area. No motive or suspects were ever developed.

Rebecca Nicholson

On December 13, 1990, the body of Rebecca Nicholson was discovered in her home in Westfield, New York. Nicholson had been shot and killed.

Benjamin Gonzalez-Reyes

On July 1, 1998, the body of Benjamin Gonzalez-Reyes was discovered on a hiking trail in the Town of Pomfret. Gonzalez-Reyes had been shot execution style.

John Caylor


10/11/2003  - Waltonian Rd., Town of Harmony

Victim found in front yard of a residence, beaten with blunt object.

William A. Taft Sr. 


Victim was last seen 11-30-05 in the City of Dunkirk.  He was located 12/26/05 off of Williams St. Town of Dunkirk near a pond and grape vineyard by an area resident.  He was found with a fatal neck injury caused by a sharp instrument. 


Jeffery Johnson 



Town of Westfield

Victim was found in his residence with a fatal head injury caused by a blunt instrument.

Thomas B. Douglas


7/17/2011 early morning hours Police were called to a report of a shooting on Arrowhead Drive, Town of Dunkirk.  Subject was found in the roadway with gunshot wounds. 

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