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The Jail commissary is a small virtual store that sells food and supplies. This service provides people a small slice of happiness, at an otherwise bleak point in their lives.   Currently Incarcerated Individuals can order items from an electronic touch screen (Kiosk) & items are delivered to them.  Similar to a grocery store,  a variety of items are available: snacks, food, hygiene & basic clothing items as well. 

Need to Add funds to an Incarcerated Individual account?

You may  put money into an Incarcerated Individuals account with your credit card* @
by calling 1-866-643-9557   
*a fee is charged by the company that handles the transaction 

Money made from the store directly benefits the Incarcerated Individuals, regardless of how much Incarcerated Individuals spend. The jail does not make a profit from commissary.  Funds are spent on maintaining the jails' legal library and other supplies and programs.

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