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Chaplaincy Services

Various faith based groups have formed the Chautauqua County Chaplaincy Committee. This committee has funded various programs at the jail to offer peer based support groups, bible study groups, anger management classes, alcohol anonymous sessions, and multi-denominational church services available to all Incarcerated Individuals in both English and Spanish languages.


The Chaplaincy Committee employees a Minister to govern the programs and provide spiritual support to Incarcerated Individuals in crisis. Rev. Dave Herr spends three days a week working with Incarcerated Individuals and offering hope and encouragement to Incarcerated Individuals with little confidence or direction.


Each year, more than 1,500 Incarcerated Individuals participate in Sunday services and all of the programs are well received and attended by Incarcerated Individuals.


As responsible custodians of taxpayers' money the Chautauqua County Jail will continue to seek out the most reasonable and cost effective Incarcerated Individual management practices while providing a safe and secure environment for those in our custody. Grant opportunities shall continue to be explored for programs designed to curtail recidivism and provide a smooth transition from incarceration to re-joining society.


The message to avoid incarceration is clear: education, employment, and a strong family network will create a path to success.

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