Tech Safety

OK.... so you want to know how to be safe online and smart with your smart phones? 


"I'm Shooten' Star  

Lets be Safe & Smart"

To Post or Not to Post?  That is the Question!

Don’t put anything online you wouldn't feel OK with pinning on a church bulletin board.  Many times people post things or put up a pic that really comes back to haunt them later on in life. If you are under the impression businesses and government don’t check your accounts when applying for a job, think again!  Many prospective employers will take a look at your Facebook, Twitter etc.  This gives them an idea of what kind of person you are and who you hang with.  If you permit someone to take pics of you without clothes on, chances are really good they will fall into the wrong hands.  Worse yet, if an underage person sends someone the pics, then that person could be charged with possession and end up being required to register as a sex offender. 

It Takes a Thief

OK so now lets talk about security on your computers. You need to think of these gadgets the same way you think of your house.  You normally don’t let someone in the front door unless you know them or they are there because you called for them.  SO if you get someone calling you or sending an email to you… think of it in the same way.  Ask yourself, should I let them in?  The answer is usually NO!  One of the oldest tricks in the book is for a thief to pretend to be an official in order to swindle somebody out of their money. Unfortunately, thieves are getting a bit more clever in tricking people by using slightly customized emails. If an email offer sounds too good to be true than it most likely is!  DO NOT CORRESPOND WITH THEM! - THIS IS A FALSE ATTEMPT TO TAKE YOUR $$$$

Hey That’s MY Name!

OK so someone’s using your name, social security number or your credit card… so what?! Well if it goes undetected for any length of time the thief can ruin your life They can take out loans or get a bunch of credit cards in your name and it’s a spending frenzy on your credit!  Detecting where this crime occurred can be challenging.  You need to find the link between data breaches.  It could be as simple as handing your credit card & ID to a clerk and they steal the info!  One of the biggest problems is knowing how your  personal information was obtained.  Oh, lets not forget one of the easiest way to get your personal 411 (that’s short for information)  Lets go dumpster diving… yep I'm sure I could find enough info in your garbage… Maybe even bank statements.  Shred documents that have personal info on them.   Identity theft can have even bigger consequences - NATIONAL SECURITY!  Terrorists need to get easy access to places. If they have your good name, that may be just the thing they need. 

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Well we know good deeds are a good thing... but another way for data to get into the wrong hands can be as simple as giving an old computer or phone away.  Simply deleting something off the device doesn't cut the mustard.  You need to WIPE the entire hard drive (that’s what stores the info).  It's not easy for the average person to do, so the next best thing is to get the hard drive taken out for you... then you can donate everything except the drive.

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