Tablet Deployment 


Over the years our agency has been considered the leader in providing law enforcement cutting edge technology at the maximum value for the taxpayer.  We have been proponents of non-ruggedized or semi-ruggedized computers with accidental protection.  This permits our agency to deploy approximately 3 units for the price of one ruggedized. 


There has been a great deal of team effort in designing a layout with patrol officers in mind.  We hope our research benefits your agency or business to effectively and economically deploy tablets in-vehicle.  


So now the disclaimers… Its imperative installed equipment is clear of the airbag deployment.  The County does not endorse any product shown or described.   

Technical   Services

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Partial Parts List


The proceeding is a partial list of parts we used for deployment. There are many other fine manufacturers of equipment similar to items listed.  


Microsoft™  SurfacePro4


Startech.Com™  Mountable 7 Port Rugged Industrial USB Hub  Part: ST7200USBM


D-Link™ DUB E100 Hi-Speed USB 2.0 Fast Ethernet Adapter   Part: DUB-E100


Brother™ USB Cable - 10 Ft Part: LB3603 UNSPSC: 26121604 


Brother™ Car Adapter Hard Wired 14FT  Part: LB3692


RAM™ X-Grip – Holder  RAM Mounts  Part: RAM-HOL-UN11U


RAM™ 1" Ball Mount With Long Double Socket Arm   RAM-B-101U-C


Ram™3 X 3 Backer Plate  RAM-202-225BU


SolidTek™ Backlit Keyboard KB3910-BL


Magnetic 12-24V DC Car Charger Power Adapter F Microsoft Surface Pro 3 4 (eBay/Amazon)


Brother Arm Rest Printer Bracket: Pedestal (C-ARPB-115)
by Havis  • Part #: C-ARPB-115  


  • The particular powered USB hub has a jumper inside to force external power.  Hub is placed under dash out of reach to help maintain connectivity and stability.  


  • An extension “dongle” is added near radio so officers can plug removable storage etc. 


  • X-Grip left “ear” mount is altered (extended) to accommodate the tablet.  Manufacturer suggests removing, however we discovered it is much more stable with part intact. 


Misc Notes

Simplified USB wiring diagram 


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